Southern Oil privately owned Australian company Cradle to cradle treatment Can re-refine 62% annual waste oil Re-refinery would reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1 million tonnes per year
Southern Oil Refining is a private, 100% Australian owned company operating nationally, which has been re-refining waste oil and marketing high quality lubricant base oils, fuel oils and bitumen since 2001.
Southern Oil’s re-refining process is a “cradle to cradle” treatment of waste and the highest form of recycling.
Southern Oil can re-refine 62% of eastern Australia’s annual waste oil collections and help producers achieve the best environmental outcome for their waste oil.
If all of Australia’s collected waste oil was re-refined instead of burned, greenhouse gas emissions would be reduced by about 1 million tonnes per year.

Southern Oil re-refines waste lube oil for reuse as lube oil – its best and highest use and a cradle-to-cradle solution. We produce no waste, reduce the need for oil imports and market as new quality base oils, fuel oils and bitumen products which also have a significantly smaller carbon footprint than crude base oils.

Latest News

Southern Oil Refining has achieved an Australia-first at its Advanced Biofuels Pilot Plant in Gladstone, where they've turned four waste streams into renewable crude, before refining it into 100% drop-in certified renewable fuel.

Northern Oil Refinery

The Northern Oil Refinery opened in March 2014 and is delivering a better business and environmental future by re-refining up to 100 million litres of waste lube oil each year.