Southern Oil's refinery process produces very light oil, light base oil and heavy base oil Southern Oil manufactures two grades of base oil for a wide range of hydraulic and lubrication oil-blending applications:   

  • SORBO 32 (Light Base Oil), and
  • SORBO 52 (Heavy Base Oil).

Southern Oil also manufactures four grades of fuel oil for a wide range of applications including agricultural product drying and industrial boilers. These are Light Fuel Oil, Light Gas Oil, Extract Fuel Oil and Residue.

Used oil re-refining has been commercially available since the mid-1980s, but few companies successfully produce lube-to-lube base oil.

Using standard chemical engineering processes, Southern Oil employs a range of separation and extraction processes to manufacture base oil from used oils.

The re-refined base oil is then sold to third parties to blend with additives  for engine, hydraulic, gear and transmission oils.

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