Waste lube oil producers

Southern Oil is a natural partner for organisations that are committed to protecting and enhancing their environmental credentials and reputation.

As governments set higher environmental benchmarks, the processing and re-use of used lube oil may be a determining “point of difference” in setting and achieving sustainability reporting goals.

Southern Oil can provide that point of difference.

High-end re-refining to recover base oil for re-use is the most environmentally responsible treatment of waste lube oil and Southern Oil believes it should be the process of choice for any used oil producer that is committed to its environmental credentials and reputation.

Southern Oil guarantees the highest beneficial re-use of waste lube oil – which should be the only waste management option for organisations committed to sound environmental performance.

Southern Oil has been providing a “safe pair of hands” supporting corporate reputations and assisting companies to deliver on their environmental values for over 13 years.

Environmental benefits
Economic benefits